Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tevez Refusal To Come On As Substitute Could See Him Exit City

When Carlos Tevez left Old Trafford to join Manchester City a couple of years ago he was a hero to the City fans. Now he's rapidly turning out to be the villain.

His comments on Argentine TV about never playing in Manchester again because of the rainy weather didn't endear him to the supporters. Nevertheless, he did return to play in Manchester.

But, last night in the Champions League when he apparently refused to go on the pitch as second half substitute that must have made Roberto Mancini see red! Mancini wants Tevez out, many of the the fans want him out, now it's down to the owners to decide what to do with their £200,000 a week "star."

As Mancini himself commented, it wouldn't happen at Bayern Munich, nor Manchester United. Sadly it seems the manager isn't commanding the respect from his players he ought to have.