Friday, March 26, 2010

Red Knights Hold Off Takeover Proposal

Anyone who has been watching the matches from Old Trafford recently can`t have helped but notice the change in colour from the usual red and white to green and yellow of the spectators. That`s their way of protesting about the Glazer rule, which has seen United goes into massive debt.

The Red Knights consortium has announced though that any bid for the Red Devils won`t come before the end of this season.

The group of wealthy United fans confirmed this month it was considering the feasibility of putting a proposal to current owners the Glazer family.
The consortium of rich United supporters are progressing with their plans to put an offer on the table to the Glazers, who are the current owners of Manchester United.

Part of their reason for holding off until the season closes is that they don`t want to place any distractions in the way as United seek to win the Premiership title, and are still in the chase for the European Champions League title.


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