Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sir Alex Unimpressed By Rooney Ban

Alex Ferguson isn`t too impressed with the 3 match ban handed out by the F.A. to Wayne Rooney.

"I am not so much disappointed as surprised," Ferguson said Friday. "The FA told us nothing was going to happen to Wayne and they were actually briefing people the same thing. I do not know what has happened inbetween them telling us that and reaching the decision."

Three years ago, the FA decided to not carry over a three-match ban into the English league when Liverpool's Steven Gerrard and Neil Mellor were sent off in the same preseason tournament.

Ferguson blamed referee Ruud Bossen for reporting the red cards to the Dutch soccer association and the FA for following it up.

"In these situations it is down to the referee. You hope common sense is going to prevail," Ferguson said. "Instead he has reported it, then it has gone through the official channels and the FA have decided to take it up.

"We have the players to cover and there is nothing we can do about it now but one thing is for sure, we will not be playing in the Amsterdam tournament again. You can bet your life on that."


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