Thursday, August 31, 2006

Saha believes Nistelrooy`s departure weakened team

Saha is convinced the Dutchman's departure for Real Madrid is a bad thing for United - even if it has given him the first-team chances he had lacked since arriving from Fulham in January 2004.

"When you lose a player capable of scoring 40 goals in one season, I don't think that giving him to Real Madrid is a good thing, considering we will face them at one point or another," said Saha.

"It is true that his departure will certainly allow me to play a little bit more and I take Sir Alex Ferguson's trust as a compliment, but I have always done my best whether Ruud is there or not. Nothing has changed for me."

Van Nistelrooy was gradually phased out of Ferguson's starting XI following Saha's dazzling return after enduring a lengthy absence because of a right-knee injury.

"Things can go very fast, if I am not good enough someone else will take my place," added the 28-year-old, who has two goals in three league games this season.

"If I am good I try to hold on to my status and work hard. Competition makes you progress, always."


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