Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Beckham Has No Need To Go House Hunting Just Yet

The saga over the David Beckham `will he/won`t he` move from LA Galaxy to AC Milan continues to run. And it`s now getting all rather boring. The ex-Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielder`s love affair with the U.S. appears to be over, and the only thing standing in the way of a move-or at least an extension to the loan deal-is likely to be money.

Well, at least while Beckham is in Italy he`s not living in a seedy flat. No, his good friend George Clooney has kindly loaned Becks his luxurious $6million lakeside mansion on Lake Como. As the villa is only about 30 minutes drive away from the Milan base, it`s close enough for commuting, but far away to `get away from it all.`

I`m not sure if he ever got round to purchasing a house for himself and his family in California, or whether he rented one. But, unless his house was incredibly expensive, with his fortune he wouldn`t have needed a home loan.

For lesser mortals though, even with the slump in house prices in the present economic slowdown (or should that be grinding halt!), home loans are part and parcel of finding somewhere to live, and paying for it.

Competition, whether on a soccer pitch, or in the world of business, is healthy. Why pay more than necessary by paying too high an interest rate on your mortgage? Mortgages need to fit your circumstances, taking into account your unique personal finances.

Most of us don`t have the time to look around at a long list of lenders checking out their deals, so anything that can speed up the process has to be worth looking at. That`s where the Internet comes in, because nowadays it`s so easy to find suitable home loans by simply tapping in some details, and before you know where you are you`ve got access to hundred`s of lenders across the country.

David Beckham might not need to concern himself with such mundane matters, but to the 99.9% of us who do I`m all for making life as easy as possible, especially when it`s going to save some money.

Hopefully Beckham will know sometime soon whether he will be staying in Italy or returning to L.A. Then the conversation can get back to what most of us are more used to-Victoria (Posh)and her... erm `singing` career, and what she`s wearing as the latest in fashion.


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