Monday, June 02, 2008

The 23-year-old Ronald arrived with the rest of the Portugal side at their Euro 2008 base at Neuchatel, whose streets were a blaze of Portuguese flags.

Where will he play next season? Cristiano Ronaldo will decide on his Old Trafford future "in the next two or three days"

As he pondered his decision, Ronaldo would be aware of a threat from Manchester United's owners, the Glazer family, that they would drop him from the squad completely, rather than do a deal with Real Madrid.

According to Fergie after his meetings with the Glazers-
Their attitude is: 'To hell with them (Madrid)'. They would sit the player in the stands just to prove a point that they will not give in to these people. They have got balls, I can tell you. I have been delighted with them in that respect."


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