Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fergie Losing His Way

After what`s gone on over the past couple of seasons I have to say I agree with the comments of a number of United fans.

Fergie should have gone soon after announcing his retirement originally. His tactics have often led to us dropping points, resulting in draws or losses. Leaving the better players on the bench during a match for instance, then only bringing them on when we needed to score. Often that didn`t work, it was too late, and we ended up losing the match. Far better to put your strongest players on from the beginning then once we are up and comfortable then start taking players off and replacing them with less experienced ones. That happened time and time again but Fergie continued with it resulting in far too many dropped points.

I doubt Ronaldo has too may fans, even amongst United supporters. His diving tactics we can to a certain extent live with, but, dissing a fellow player like he did with Rooney in the World Cup is beyond belief. To my mind Fergie should have let him go, (let`s face it Ronaldo doen`t want to play for us now anyway, his heart won`t be in it.) van Nistelrooy should have stayed. Where else are we going to get a striker who is a 20 plus a season goal scorer? Not from the present United ranks I fear, young or old. I suspect all this will end up biting Fergie where it hurts by the end of the season. He`s lost his way, and I don`t say that lightly considering his fantastic achieven ments for the club over the years.


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